There are copies available to loan: sygn. F-8988/56, F-8988/55, F-8988/54, F-8988/53, F-8988/52, F-8988/51, F-8988/50, F-8988/49, F-8988/48, F-8988/47, F-8988/46, F-8988/45, F-8988/44, F-8988/43, F-8988/42, F-8988/41, F-8988/40, F-8988/39, F-8988/38, F-8988/37, F-8988/36, F-8988/35, F-8988/34, F-8988/33, F-8988/32, F-8988/31, F-8988/30, F-8988/29, F-8988/28, F-8988/27, F-8988/26, F-8988/25, F-8988/24, F-8988/23, F-8988/22, F-8988/21, F-8988/20, F-8988/19, F-8988/18, F-8988/17, F-8988/16, F-8988/15, F-8988/14, F-8988/13, F-8988/12, F-8988/11, F-8988/10, F-8988/9, F-8988/8, F-8988/7, F-8988/6, F-8988/5, F-8988/4, F-8988/3, F-8988/2, F-8988/1 (56 egz.)
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